Nerve Connection Foundation

Connecting people, rare diseases, research and clinical trials.

The Nerve Connection Foundation raises funds specifically for neurological disease research.  Grants from the Foundation enable highly skilled, passionate people to undertake research across various locations, using NCF assets to link studies for the best possible outcomes.

It’s a case of connections – not just with nerves but with the wonderful people who are willing to support the Nerve Connection Foundation.


We Connect


We connect patients, researchers, facilities and the community for the best possible outcomes for clinical trials.

We connect funding from generous donors and time from our volunteers to patients and researchers.

We complete the connection with education, excellent events and communication about our outcomes and successes with NCF stakeholders.

Rare Diseases

We focus on devastating neurological diseases that individually are rare, but together contribute to a considerable burden on patients, their families and the broader community.

These diseases include:

  • motor neurone disease
  • Pompe disease
  • spinal muscular atrophy
  • inclusion body myositis
  • frontotemporal dementia.


There is exciting research being undertaken by Brisbane-based collaborations and partnerships, which extends nationally and internationally. 

In Brisbane, there are teams at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital (which will include the planned Neurology Research Institute), Wesley Hospital and the various local universities dedicated to research.

Our work is a means to support and connect the various undertakings and facilities for a more comprehensive research outcome.

Clinical Trials

An important aim of NCF is to connect the research work with the clinical trial phase.

There is a new era of therapies for diseases that were previously considered untreatable, which is the clinical trial and patient connection.

How You Can Get Involved


Our fundraising events are great fun and a fantastic way to support Nerve Connection Foundation.

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Corporate Sponsors

Consider a donation or sponsor a fellowship on behalf of your business.


Whether it’s a regular donation or lump sum, your support of Nerve Connection Foundation enables us to do the work that will make a real difference to those living with neurological diseases.

Latest News

ALS/FTD: Evolution, Aging, and Cellular Metabolic Exhaustion

ALS/FTD: Evolution, Aging, and Cellular Metabolic Exhaustion

Dr Rob Henderson was the senior author of a recent publication which focuses on a new and exciting theory as to why MND may occur. It’s not the whole answer, but may be an important piece of the puzzle. If you are science-minded, you can access it in the Frontiers in...

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First Research Fellowship Awarded

First Research Fellowship Awarded

Nerve Connection Foundation recently announced the recipient of its first research fellowship, Dr Po-Sheng Yang.  The grant will be utilised to support Dr, Yang, an early career neurologist with collaborative research projects between the Royal Brisbane and...

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