Nerve Connection Foundation is very excited to announce that it has partnered with a self-described ordinary Australian who is about to embark upon the biggest challenge of her life, with the aim of raising money for neurological disease research. 

The Racing the Planet series is known to be the most prestigious footrace in the world.  This year it spans five deserts over four continents. Foundation supporter and Brisbane mother of three, Salliann Powell aims to be the first Australian to complete what is known as the Grand Slam Plus.  

Sal on Moreton

After years of putting the needs of others ahead of her own, Sal was struck by a yearning for more, which translated into a rekindled love of running.  Vanquishing the six major marathons across the globe has led her to the Racing the Planet start line.  The series consists of the Namib Race (Namibia), the Gobi March (Mongolia), the Atacama Crossing (Chile), and The Last Desert (Antarctica). 2024 includes a fifth desert, the 20-year Race in Jordan.  Each desert footrace involves a traverse of 250 kilometres in seven days over rough terrain, with only a place in a tent and water provided. 

Sal is kicking off her campaign in Namibia at the end of the month and you can throw your support behind her by heading to her website for more information about the challenge and how you can support Nerve Connection Foundation. 

Whilst Sal races the planet, your support can help the Foundation reach its goals of doubling Fellowship funding, injecting much needed money into trials and research, and providing rural and regional patients with assistance to make the journey to Brisbane to participate in clinical trials. 

Thank you Sal for Racing the Planet to help find treatments for nerve and muscle diseases that cause progressive muscle weakness, disability and death. There is nothing ordinary about you at all!