Diviners Gin

Diviners Distillery will give $2.50 per bottle of Apparition or Outlier sold on our online store to Nerve Connection Foundation.

Diviners Gin

The intersection of art and science is at the heart of Diviners Distillery. The art of creating the perfect gin through the science of cold distillation to benefit those who experience it. We research, experiment, invent and create connections using science.

Diviners Distillery was founded by Dr Frank Tomlinson, a neurosurgeon who has dedicated his life to treating patients with conditions of the brain and spine. He is passionate about science and supporting researchers in their quest to find new and exciting solutions to help as many people as possible.

This is why Diviners Distillery is proud to give back to the scientific community.

We do this by supporting the Nerve Connection Foundation, a Brisbane-based group dedicated to funding research into neurological conditions. Led by neurologist Dr Robert Henderson, a world expert in Motor Neurone Disease and other debilitating diseases, we believe this is a natural fit for Diviners support.

Experience the Divine, connect with science and support vital medical research along the way. 

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